The Ultimate Guide: Fashion Trends for the 2021 Spring

The fashion industry has evolved. Due to the current pandemic and lockdowns all over the world, not only the trends have changed but also the runways and presentations – which are now digital – and even the catalogues of the most important designers... Only one thing remains the same: our love for spring!  


What should we wait this spring?

  • Dresses and skirts

As expected, once days start getting warmer we will want to start showing some skin (dresses, skirts and shorts are always top on the list), that is why Miu Miu and Chloé have come up with the most beautiful designs this spring: flowers, denim, silk, ruched designs... You name it, they have it!


  • Florals

It makes perfect sense. What says “spring is here” more than flowers and dresses? If you love this idea as much as we do, take a look to Anna Sui and Rixo’s catalogues. They have mixed flowers on different sizes and shapes with a vivid color palette that would make you love spring even more!

If you are looking for a more sophisticated look then take a look at Christy Dawn’s collection. They have really nailed the floral dress style this year.

Are you feeling adventorous or you are just not into dresses? Take a look at Loewe’s collection! They have very novel floral pants, ideals for a unique casual look! 

  • Bra tops

Sexy and easy to wear, bra tops will be an essential item in your closet this spring. Also known as bralettes, there is a wide variety of these available in the market. From knitted to sexy and strapped, you can combine them with all types of pants, skirts, cardigans, jackets, etc. If you want to feel inspired on how to nail this look, search for the latest Victoria Beckham’s outfits. 

If you are into this sexy type of look then we suggest you look to MIE’s collection, which has plenty of colours and strapped bras to choose from. Another good option is looking at Isa Boulder’s collection, she has included knitted and colorful options that you can easily combine.

  • Denim

Although it has already been around for a while, denim will still be one of the preferred options this spring. Hard to complain considering how comfortable and easy to combine denim is.

When it comes to pants, loose fit jeans are the trendiest choice (bye bye skinny jeans). If you are looking for options, then you should look at JW Anderson and Slvrlake’s designs for the season.

  • Pastel Tones

There is something about these girly look that once you try it, you can’t ever leave it. This year you will find pastel tones in all types of clothes – from head scarfs to sandals and accesories -. Easy to combine and make them look good on any skin tone, cool mint green and purple are the most popular tonalities from this palette.

Chanel and Phillip Lim know it and have created amazing outfit options this year. You can’t miss them out!