The Importance of Arch Support

     Arch support is an insertion in footwear to support the arch when wearing the shoe. Several foot problems are associated with poor arch design. Arch support thus helps here in eliminating that feeling of pain and provides comfort to the foot. This leads to overall better performance of the body. Proper arch support can alleviate pain in the arch of the foot.

     There are many benefits linked with the proper use of arch support in shoes. The body is dependent upon the feet and if it is not properly distributed then the feet will be under a state of constant pressure and pain. Arch support helps with the alignment of the body as it balances and distributes the pressure throughout the body. If this balance is not achieved, then pains in the arch of your foot will soon follow. Increased pressure on the arches of your feet can lead to conditions like plantar fasciitis.

     Different types of arch support are used in modern footwear. The type of support demands on the individual. Not every arch needs to have the same length and width. High arches are used by those who are dependent on the pad for walking. Low arches are used by those who remain at the ground to avoid overpronation. Flat feet are used by those who have none or very little arch in their feet. This condition can lead to many serious issues if ignored.

     Sometimes, people do not appreciate the importance of arch support because they are not aware of their importance. Whenever we walk, the arch in our feet bears high levels of stress. As we grow older, the shape of our arch changes and so do the requirements of feet. If arch support is not provided in shoes, then there are high possibilities of musculoskeletal problems. For athletes, arch support is an important element to be considered for running. The trends of footwear are changing with every coming day, but the importance of arch support can never be replaced.