After almost an entire year spent at home and mostly in our PJ’s, 2021 is meant to be the year of coziness and comfort. Consumers have adapted to a comfortable and easy to wear fashion style that now is just too difficult to quit to. Designers have understood this and embrace it as a new, more comfortable trend, and brilliant ideas have come up!

 Probably the best example for this are the slippers designs that Balenciaga or Rosetta Getty have made part of their catalogue. Yes, slippers! These are very comfortable and easy to slip on and come in so many different colors and textures that can be matched with pretty much any outfit. If you are looking for instant comfort, then these slippers are the perfect option for you! 

If you are looking for an equally comfortable but a bit more feminine then you will be happy to know that air dresses will be part of the 2021 fashion trend. This uncomplicated outfit will be the easiest to wear option when wanting to look good without much effort. If you want to see what this trend brings then take a look at Cecilie Bahnsen and Brock Collection’s catalogues. You will love them!

Are you tired of those complicated styles in which you must look for a million ways to hide your bra? Aren’t you just tired of strapless? We have amazing news for you! This 2021 you can just leave it there and show your bra to the world and you’ll be both comfortable and in style!

Chanel, Dior and Jason Wu have included the bra out style as part of next year’s catalogues. Sometimes literally being worn as a top, while others as a much more subtle approach (for example with sheer tops).

So if you are part of the empowered group of women who simply quit and stopped using bras, then this is the perfect year to start thinking about welcoming them back in your life!

Now, the most comfortable option in any wardrobe: the oversized jeans!

Yes, we know mom jeans were in not long ago, but this new trend meets an entirely different purpose, and includes other jean styles for you to mix and play creating new comfortable styles. If you are looking for inspiration then look at Balenciaga, Victoria Beckham and Ami’s catalogues for next spring.

Now, if you need to complete your outfit and are looking for – even more- comfort, then you will be happy to know that oversized shirting and jackets are also part of the 2021 fashion trend. Designers such as Wales Bonner, Valentino o Balenciaga have come up with amazing ideas to rock this look so don’t be afraid and take your dad, brother, or boyfriend’s shirt and make it yours this 2021!