Sandal Trends 2021: Open and Open

With all of these 2020 lockdowns and digital fashion events situation it is easy to feel lost when it comes to the latest trends. This can be very frustrating considering that now we are allowed to spend more time outside – although certain regulations still take place all around the world-. So, the question is: what should I wear if I want to be “all in” this season? What are the trends for this 2021?

If this is your situation, no worries!  We’re here to offer you a comprehensive guide on what to wear this year, the main trends and how to combine them.  Today’s topics is: sandals.


  • Strappy Heels

Straps will be one of the most popular options this year, and not only in sandals. You will see them everywhere during the spring/summer season.

Good thing about strapped sandals is that there are PLENTY of designs to choose from and they can all offer you a different type of look based on your mood for the day. From fun and easy- going to sophisticated and elegant, you will always have a matching strapped pair of heels available in your closet.

When it comes to designers, Neous has found the perfect mix of elegance and comfort while Senso has experimented with camel and yellow tones for a sober look.  BY FAR has created the girliest styles mixed with pastel tones.

  • House Slippers

Yes, it seems hard to imagine that slippers have become a fashion item but let’s face it, after spending almost a whole year in our PJs, going out for the fanciest looks all at once can be quite a traumatic experience for some. 

Fashion designers have acknowledged this situation and created the most varied house slippers design to combine with –almost – any look. Balenciaga have really taken this house slippers look seriously and true to their style they have come up with very colorful desings with which you won’t go unnoticed.

If you are looking for a sober look instead then Porte & Paire are your best option. They have used leather and black to create sophisticated - but still very comfortable- designs.

  • Velcro Sandals

This year all you need is velcro. Borned from the same “comfort goes first” idea that brought slippers into the fashion scene for this year, velcro sandals will be a very popular option during the spring/summer season.

But hey, these are not  the typical sandals you would use on a beach day. Designers have really gotten creative and developed the most amazing models this year. From flowers, pearls and girly designs, you will have plenty of options to choose from. Take a look at Anna Sui and Jason Wu’s collections for further inspiration.

Loeffler Randall is also a good option to look into if you are looking for more delicate and feminine looks.