Recycling My Clothes from 2020

Let’s face it. 2020 was disappointing for most fashion lovers out there. Most of us spent almost the entire year in our PJ’s, unable to wear our favorite clothes, mix styles and follow trends that didn’t involve slippers.

Our 2020 clothes in the closet are dying to be worn and it would be a shame not to give them a second chance just because 2021 trends are a bit different. But there might be a solution...

Specially if you are into the eco- friendly vibe and understand the importance of recycling and minimize waste, then this article is perfect for you. If you have any of these in your closet, feel free to include them in your 2021 outfits since THEY ARE STILL IN! 


  • Voluminous shoulders

Although 2021 is more focused on comfort, many designers have also decided to include voluminous options to add glamour to their designs. Puff- sleeved pieces will be all in and can be combined with flowered designs and vivid colors, specially during the spring/summer season. If you want to get inspired we suggest you look into Loewe’s dresses collection.

  • Oversize

Jeans, trousers, jackets, and even dresses… you name it! Oversize items are still in for this upcoming year and it makes perfect sense: Is there anything more comfortable than oversized clothes? Nope!

However, this 2021 balance is key. So if you are going for one of the oversized options make sure to complement with a slim fitting item (top tanks and skinny jeans are good options).

For further inspiration on how to create your recycled oversized outfits, you can take a look at Caroline Hu and Chloe’s collection.

  • Bra tops

Perfect for those spring and summer days in which you are feeling  seductive and powerful. Bra tops are one of the most versatile items you can have and a must in any wardrobe: they can be sporty, luxurious, glamorous or casual. You can also find them in as many different colors, shapes and fabrics as you can possibly imagine making them very easy to include in any outfit.

Feel free to combine them with a high waist trouser at the bottom. Layers are also in this season, so if you have any sheer blouse in your closet, don’t be afraid to put it on top as well to get a more sophisticated look. 

  • Flatforms

Great news: you will be able to give your flatforms a second – or third- life this year! With all this “comfort goes first” vibe, flatforms are on the rise. If you have anything with straps (gladiator style) or wood soles, then 2021 is the perfect year to wear them.

Although they look great with almost anything, this year you can combine them with long asymmetric dresses, following Ulla Johnson’s proposal. But, if you are looking for further  inspiration on how to wear your flatforms this year while still looking fancy, then you need to look into Erdem and Altuzarra creations.  They have nailed it!