History of Leather Sandals Part 2: Modern Times, Californication

The leather sandals are the most preferred footwear worldwide and the reason is definite that they provide instant comfort and air flow to keep the feet cool. The sandals are also made of the material like wood, foam, cork, canvas and rubber but they all are not multi-purpose use. Each material has a specific purpose ie comfort, waterproof, lower cost, etc. Though leather sandals have a long lasting lifespan, there are some limitations too, like they if exposed to the air and sand they can get filled with moisture and salt. With proper maintenance of leather sandals they can be the best to wear and best looking. They are more sophisticated and can be cleaned and maintained easily. One of the most recommended leather to use for footwear is Nubuck. It is made from hide Top Grain leather. It comprises of raised fibers and small surfaces but when touched it has a velvety-soft feeling. There are many dyed color for this leather and it is not only used in the manufacturing of sandals or other footwear but also for gloves, jackets and other accessories. The unique feature of the nubuck is its surface texture and it is considered the second strongest and toughest leather type available in the market. It has attributes of being dense and compact along with its strength.

Now the sandals have been modernized in the United States, there are different types of sandals on the market. Out of them, Reef, Rainbow, Olukai sandals and Havianna are the most popular. Reef sandals was created in 1984 and it is still one of the top quality sandals out there. They are most used by beach-goer but still are comfortable for any environment as well. Popular Reef sandals include Fanning sandals for both men and women, J-BAY III for men only, Cushion Butter for Women, KIDS AHI and many more are on the list. Rainbow sandals are also one of the best selling leather sandals brands. Olukai sandals are different taste of sandals. They are made of premium materials and having contoured shapes so to make it perfect for wearing. The sandals have a biometrical engineered shape  to position and support the foot naturally. There is cushioning from the insole as well with shock absorption and support for the midsole. Havaianas are the Brazilian type of sandals and they were started manufacturing in 1962. They are considered the original modern sandal. These sandals have colored outsoles and white insoles and they are famous for being low in price and their simplistic design.

The 3 point leather sandal has become a staple footwear item in American and much of the world. From before the Ancient Egyptians to now they have served as form of utility and fashion.