Footwear Trends in 2021

Are you a footwear lover? Are you looking forward to the new year so that you can – hopefully- leave your slippers behind and start using real and fantastic footwear.  If this resonates with you, then you might want to have a look to the 2021 footwear trends.


Elevation lovers, we have amazing news for you! Yes, that is right, flatforms will continue being a trend in the new year... being a mix of comfort and uncomplicated style, flatforms will be more “IN” than ever in 2021. The trend will be a mix of natural elements (such as wood) and the need to bring the disco era back!  

What to look for?

When it comes to flatforms trends some of the designers that have shown amazing 2021 collections are Erdem and Ulla Johnson, both with unconventional, chunky and wooden heels options that will make any flatform enthusiast fall in love immediately.

Flip Flops

What? Yes!  Flip flops are part of the long list of trendy footwear for 2021. However, these are not the typical summery – rubber shower flip flops that you are thinking about. This new trend is less bare, much comfier and fancy. Playing with different heights, proportions, material and designs (hello, ankle wraps!), flip flops will probably become the most comfortable footwear of 2021.   

What to look for?

When it comes to stylish flip flops this 2021 you will need to look into the collection proposed by Stella McCartney and Acne Studios, who offer a very feminine and comfortable range of options suitable for any style and occasion. 

Baby Heels

Yes, if you’re looking for a feminine footwear option that mixes comfort and  elegance, then Baby Heels are the right call this 2021!

What to look for:

There is no doubt Chanel is offering some of the most beautiful and valuable options for baby heels next year with their sleek two - toned designs, so you cannot miss out on their collection. Now, if you want to explore additional options then Prada is definitely a good call, especially if you are a fan of a classic and pointy- toe look.


Surprisingly, clogs are part of the footwear trends of 2021. Easy to pair with practically any style, clogs offer you the opportunity to

What to look for?

Some of the most popular designs next year will be the ones proposed by Hermés, with a very chic and shining style that you can easily combine with any outfit  you choose. You can also take a look at the retro designs of Molly Goddard, who is bringing the 90’s back with a sober, and easy to wear clog style.