Comfort and Joy: This how the Spring - Summer 2021 Will Look Like.

2021 is just around the corner! 

Has it been 12 months already? Yes, as unbelievable as it sounds, 2020 is about to finish (finally!)... The bright side is that the upcoming spring- summer trends are here to fill us up with hope... and comfort.

Inspired by what it hopes to be a post pandemic world, but recognizing that the reality of how people have had to dress during most part of this year that has shown us a somehow more comfortable way of living (hello, zoom conferences on your PJ’s!), fashion designers from all over the world have presented their summer- spring collections for 2021 and we can honestly say... amazing – and comfortable - things are coming!

 It is all about optimism & comfort...

If you’re a fan of colorful palettes, then 2021 might be your year. Designers such as Balmain and Chloé have embraced colors and successfully integrate it to their collections as an aim to reflect optimism and enthusiasm, something many of us have needed this year. From the highlighted pink and yellow tonalities in high waist trousers and sharp shouldered jackets presented by Balmain to the exquisite combination of neutral and neon colors achieved by Chloé in dresses and tank tops, 2021 collection not only promises to reflect hope but also to be an easy to wear option for both male and female fashion lovers.

Futuristic designs


Acknowledging that we have witnessed a major social change, in which virtual reality and technology have taken over most areas of our day to day life; fashion designers have opted for futuristic designs for next year’s trends.


Thom Browne is one of those designers that have managed to create both futuristic and comfortable collections. Inspired by the possibility of having the Olympic Games hosted at the moon, Thom presented an almost all white collection with elongated silhouettes and exaggerated proportions, this means oversized coats, cropped trousers and pleated skirts.

Can I look comfortable and chic? Hell, yes!

If you don’t believe this is possible, then we urge you to look into the designs presented by Chloe and Dior for next spring- summer season, these designers have opted for loosened silhouettes and high volume in their collections. This means that balloon sleeves are back (yey!) and we will also be welcoming dresses and skirts with exaggerated hips, giving a sense of sophistication and freedom. If you’re a trousers person, than loose, long and relaxed trousers are the perfect option for you when it comes to comfortable trends in the upcoming year.


What are my options?

Now that comfort has become the trend, you can bring your oversized boyfriend jackets back from the wardrobe. You can also add some shoulder pads to your look in order to create a longer silhouette to match this style. Easily as it sounds, if you really want to rock this look, you will only need to add some straight- leg trousers and you’re done! 

Simplicity and comfort are the top priority this upcoming year, so don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity!