Fashion Color Trends in 2021

After a very long lockdown time in 2021, next year’s collection is focused on having a bright and happy color palette. These varied color trends also aims to introduce versatility and transcend the seasons, giving people the freedom to choose and to easily adapt their outfits. In a few words: 2021 will be featuring flexibility and joy!

Happy Yellow

Now that we are hoping to see the sunlight more than we did this year, it makes sense for yellow to become one of the trendy colors this 2021. It is a mood booster for sure, and you will be able to combine it with black or silver tonalities to find some balance (Prada has tried this and the results are honestly amazing!).

Now, if you are looking for yellow options to include in your wardrobe next year, we strongly advise you to look for Fendi’s accessories collection as well as Donni’s classic and very comfortable romper designs.

Sexy and Striking Silver

            Are you a metallic styles fan?  Then this trend is for you! Designers such as Balenciaga, Isabel Marant or Paco Rabanne have included sexy and very bright silver designs into their 2021 collection. This is definitely something to look into if you are looking to attend fancy parties next year!

If you’re not that sure on wearing silver from heat- to – toe or don’t feel too confident with these type of tonalities, then you can also start easy with silver accessories (which you can combine with any stile!); Paco Rabanne has included some gorgeous and fancy options in his 2021 collection!


Pretty- and sexy – in pink

If you are all about feminine styles then you are going to love 2021. Designers such as Molly Goddard and Chanel have included pink as part of their collections this year, bringing joy to the runways with a very girly vibe, often combined with puff sleeves and feminine cardigans.

Not too girly? Not to worry!

Intense fuchsia has also been part of the runway, and will give the not- too girly fashion lovers an option to be in style without quitting on their personal preferences.  

Green is all in

2021 will be featuring an ecological trend with loads of natural materials, such as wood, and also a lot of green options (ranging from mint, emerald, neon and other tonalities), especially during spring. If this is the right fit for you then we suggest you look into Saks Potts’ designs which are both classic and feminine and that you can easily combine with some of the Bottega Veneta’s accessories for next year.