Best Sandals Trends for this Summer 2021

This 2021 is all about taking comfort to the next level and sandals trends for the summer are a perfect example of this.

With the warm weather and all the beach plans you probably have, you will need at least two or three pair of sandals available in your closet. But, what are your options?  What is the trendiest look you can have this 2021?

Check out below!


  • Flatforms

Yes, flatforms remain as a trendy item so you can run to your closet and make sure to have your old ones on hand for this year too. This makes perfect sense: there are not that many shoes more comfortable than flatforms.

Versace knows this and has designed the most amazing and colorful flatforms for this season, they have also added details such as encrusted flowers and chains to make it a comfortable but still fancy item. 

Looking for more options?  Don’t miss out on Altuzarra and Phillip Lim’s catalogues.

  • Flip Flops

Nothing screams “SUMMER!” more than flip flops, but this year designers have taken them to a whole new level. From leather, flowers, and rubber soles, these are the most upgraded flip flops you will ever have.

Jacquemus has very feminine flip flop options available but you should also take a look at Stella McCartney and Acne Studio’s options, which are more conventional choices if you are not feeling to risky.

  • Baby Heels

Finally, baby heels are back.The sweetness and feminine vibe that comes with baby heels will make you look – and feel- amazing this summer.

Again, Versace has blowed everyone’s minds with their baby heels design this year and created powerful but still very easy to combine options. For those that are looking for a more sober choice than Acne studios are the perfect option, they know you can’t ever go wrong with black, and have used them to impress their designs with a sophisticated vibe.

  • Strapped sandals

This year straps are all in!

Straps on your toes, around your ankle or even better, wrapping around the leg giving you a “gladiator” type of look... ALL types of stripes are welcome this year and should be a “must” in your closet.

If you are into this sexy and feminine look then you should take a look at Neous and Senso’s collections. Whatever is that you need, they have it. Jacquemus and Phillip Lim have  also put a lot of iove into the strapped sandals trend and it is something you definitely should look into if you are looking for a more sophisticated outfit.

  • Square toe

Great news to all symmetry lovers: square toe sandals are all in this 2021; and they should definitely be your first option if you are trying to build a sophisticated outfit.

Versace has very colorful and feminine designs which with we can assure you: you WON’T go unnoticed. In the other hand, Dion Lee has decided to mix things up and develop a strapped- square toe type of sandal that is made to impress. Finally, Staud also has included sober and feminine designs that will upgrade any outfit giving it a fancy vibe.